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I am a Player Moderator of RuneScape

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I am a Player Moderator of RuneScape еще ничего не опубликовано
Дата начала 31/10/20 - 10:12
Дата окончания 31/12/20 - 10:12
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    Agents of Insight Venture Partners into the representatives of Jagex: We called this meeting concerning Jagex's cash flow. You led us to believe that this new"dungeoneering" upgrade in April 2010 would boost your market share in the gamers' marketplace. You had your opportunity. From now on, we are going to do things our way."

    Can you really think the above in quotation marks was a fact-checked event on the discussions occurring at Jagex? Anyone with a tiny quantity of reason would not have requested"Source?" ... You really thought this dialog needs to be proven, as in, there was a covert listening device planted in the walls of Jagex, I got access to the listening device transcript, and today I need to reveal the origin? Would anybody else like to post"Source?" And therefore demonstrate utter lack of rational thought?

    Hello Everyone! I am a Player Moderator of RuneScape, also I'm looking to do a monthly'gathering' session with an fansite community, to find a general consensus of Player Moderator in the RuneScape community. It should be acknowledged this isn't a formal Jagex hosted initiative/post. However, I do intend to relay the feedback to additional Player Moderators as well. ^_^ I'm compiling all replies from this thread into a monthly report-type design, and then presenting it to others.

    Information I am looking for is pretty much anything around the Player Moderator function, not so much questions but constructive criticism/critique. A few examples are below: How do you think that the Player Moderator team can be improved? What would you like to see Player Moderators doing more of? Do you agree with all the recent Player Moderator's function in the area? (Explain) Are there any current dilemma's from the area you feel Player Moderators should be addressing? Any other ideas on Player Moderators?

    I look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts/opinions on this topic, and it does not need to be limited to the above, I need this to be an open discussion thread to acquire the real thoughts/feelings in the community on Player Moderators. In case you have any questions about Player Moderators, I ask you don't post them here -- but you're welcomed to message me here, or literary -- I'd love to keep this thread collective opinions only so it is easier to compile the info.

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