You retrieve the puck at the defensive end while on the powerplay Cover Image


You retrieve the puck at the defensive end while on the powerplay

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You retrieve the puck at the defensive end while on the powerplay еще ничего не опубликовано
Дата начала 24/03/21 - 08:00
Дата окончания 31/03/21 - 09:00
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    Unless you and your opponent go to a well-timed foul-frenzy, this strategy will only apply to the way your team aims to play throughout the pm interval. Your skaters are more careful with their departure and moving up towards the zone, with a focus on stopping the resistance from having a chance. A mixture of Passive and Aggressive with players being fairly neutral towards making risky plays that could result in a target or being very safe on the puck.Your skaters push for your game-winning purpose, daring for a little riskier to score.

    By holding LT or L2, you can alter the strategies employed by each of your four lines and three defensive pairings. These permit you to create exceptionally offensive lines, defensive lines, assessing lines, or anything in between to allow you to make the most of your skaters' very best skills. In each forward line setup, you'll be able to pick between Overload, Behind the web, and Crash the Net.Detailed as best suited for skilled players, also contains your skaters spread out to make more space for their speed and puck skills to be employed to maximum effect. This strategy sets up behind the net to try and make the most of the goalie's blind spot in the end with a few of your players. Quick departure and usage of the player behind the net is essential to the strategy.

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