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I have decided to really go for RuneScape

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I have decided to really go for RuneScape еще ничего не опубликовано
Дата начала 01/12/20 - 13:48
Дата окончания 31/01/21 - 13:48
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    If you would like to sink the majority of your cash into a single, definitely receive the SGS. You can get 2 specs per bar, and if you use piety during this time then it is able to heal a long time (Prayer points and Hitpoints) and I discovered each spec averaged to revive a bit more than the usual shark. However, it isn't completely trustworthy and you'll likely still have to bring some food, just not as far as you would have before.

    The BGS has it's own perks also, but not as great if you're only training on a standard monster.Okays, I have played for nearly two years now but have never dedicated to getting a 99 skill. . .yet =P. I have decided to really go for 99 Ranged, since it is my favorite skill whatsoever. My level right now is 61, a long way to go, and yet one thing makes it a thousand or so times tougher. I am a F2Per. Only walnut bows, steel arrows and damn green d'hide. I know it's unlikely that I will make it to 99 alone, so anybody got any tips?

    Normally I train at lesser demons at the Karamja Volcano - the ones through the wall near Elvarg - and occasionally - when I would like prayer experience - at the Hill Giants on Crandor. Are there some better places, gear or monsters out there? That which I wear (best outfit to get a f2per, however, complete rubbish in comparison to what a P2Per has): Rune Full Helm/Green D'Hide Coif 100. Team-29 Cape. 5000 or so Steel Arrows (can not afford much better atm, sadly). Maple Shortbow. No shield. Green D'Hide Chaps. Fighting Boots.

    Explorer's Ring 3. Rubbish, I understand. Oh, and just how long would it take me to get the 99, how many hours if I trained at the lessers? I Play Around 3 -5 hours Everyday ( Add No-Lifer Comment Here ) Here Is My Plan: I Max Melee First Training At The DT Skeles, With Guthans, This is 60k Xp An hour So around 150-250k daily, This ought to get me max melee by April-May Time. (Hopefully ) Then Im Obtaining 99 hunter, which ive been told, makes u 30M ( have to check that tbh ) This Should Take Me More than a month, since ive been told it could be up to 100k xp an hour ( have to check that too ) Then ill be heading for 99 fishing. . Fly fish in shilo village to 90 ( from 76 ).

    Then sharks to 99. Making around 50M, This Im Pretty sure of. This should take me in november if I get it done correctly. Then The Long 2 months performing prayer. Pretty straightforward. Sound Do-able To You Guys? IF It Is, Im Going to Generate a Log for it tomorrow for support. Please post ur opinions /views /suggestions.

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