I would advise that you do willows to about RuneScape Cover Image


I would advise that you do willows to about RuneScape

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I would advise that you do willows to about RuneScape еще ничего не опубликовано
Дата начала 17/12/20 - 10:31
Дата окончания 31/01/21 - 10:31
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    Just asking for some tips from somebody who might be aware of a more successful method, and if there's anything I could do to lengthen my excursions. I typically get 2 chests a trip. Currently I use the slayer dart method, which can be pretty efficient, and pray against Dharok,Karil, and Ahrim. I know a lot of men and women dont emphasise on Ahrim, but he always hits strong 20+ whenever I fight him.

    In my runs, I get there with complete prayer, and proceed in this order: Dharok, Karil, Ahrim, verac, guthan, Torag. After I go down at the tunnel and kill there, I come back up, and have to refill my prayer using the pots. Duplicate, then tele-tab into Varrock. Most people state the slayer dart is quite efficient, and on the first run I need to use prayer unless I have a Dharok or even Karil tunnel. The thing that actually shortens the jog is needing to refill prayer with pots, and obtaining a dharok tunnel. Any advice is much appreciated.

    I now have 112k xp until 89, which I can get in almost no time. I bought all the maples I had BEFORE I got my Ring of Fire and the Flame Gloves. They were about 2m to buy about 60k of them. I don't remember how many I bought just, because it was a very long time ago. Anyhow, maples are much better. It is quite straightforward to make 2 million gp, also I mostly did Chaos Druids. Only took me a couple of days. Maples are 145xp per log, and with flame gloves AND ring of fire its a bit more.

    I would advise that you do willows to about level 50, then change to maples. Use the sals Firemaking Calculator to find exactly how many logs you require for 99, then buy them. It should be 2-4m. Not very costly. Last words: You're ready to puke your brains out after some time. I ceased firemaking and began crafting because it's so exhausting. Maples would be way faster, and much easier on the clicking finger.

    Some useful items which could help you accomplish your goal: Master Panance Horn: Gives Dual xp to every log that you burn off. You are getting a bonus 100% xp per log. Extremely helpful to those that are keen on Barbarian Assault. Ring of Fire + Flame Gloves -- Available at levels 68, and 79 respectively (somebody may want correct on this ) -- They each give a 2% xp bonus when worn, but when worn they give 5 percent bonus. Does not seem like much but it could save you from burning off a few million logs in the long run. Pyrelord OR Forge Regent Familiars -- All need adequate Summoning levels (49, and 80 I believe) but can be used as a Tinderbox and provides a 10% xp bonus when used as such.

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