I remember people when I was in middle school at the early 2000s

I remember people when I was in middle school at the early 2000s

Tbh that is why I play largely f2p. 1, it will not cost me money. If I want I could buy a bond. 2, RuneScape feels pure and closer to RuneScape that I remember. In f2p virtually nothing has changed except some tiny things (draynor shop man, Corsair, clan wars location?,..?) F2p has a far more shallow learning curve and plus, if you stop you do RS gold not possess the regretful thinking like"oh I can't believe I spent x membership across all these years".

I played with RuneScape from about 2005-2010. Then I played with OSRS as it came out. I never had any need to get back into RuneScape. Unexpectedly I begin seeing PK videos from Torvesta and Framed and that I couldn't stop watching them. My desire to play was growing. I decided to give another attempt over the winter break for faculty to OSRS and I've been hooked today for 2 months. I figured I'd stop by now but I have.

I finished Legends, Monkey Madness and Desert treasure already and I feel like my account is better than my older primary. Now that I am an adult I am playing RuneScape so efficiently but I am not sacrificing pleasure. I work on skills I try and enjoy to make the most of my time between my classes, my part time job and also my IRL gf. Some days all I have time for is a farming streak and I'm totally okay with that. Ive always desired 99 farming and I achieve it.

Even back in the afternoon before OSRS I remember hearing people talking about RuneScape in public at college etc.. I didn't hear people speak about World of Warcraft or other matches around as much. I wonder how long OSRS will remain popular. I feel like the majority of the wow players back in the day were an old creation. I remembered a few of my friends dads raiding during vanilla and tbc. It also was like the cost of RuneScape so probably didn't have too much of a younger audience when compared with rs.

I remember people when I was in middle school at the early 2000s, playing with it then it faded off. Then I saw Reddit going mad over it a couple years back.

That is interesting. Folks don't half-ass RuneScape. If someone plays RuneScape, they're generally obsessed with RuneScape relative to how much other people play most other videogames, due to the grind/time investment required to maintain progressing (years of play if someone wants to make it to the end game). RuneScape becomes a part of buy rs gold paypal someone's identity, but the old stigma of mmorpg's being"nerdy" or"regressive" is diminished and now osrs is not just part of somebody's backstage confront; it is a genuine, increasingly popular pastime.

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