That may help you decide what position and size to make him

That may help you decide what position and size to make him

This is my recommendation, but I would counsel against 6'9. My objections will be the hits when you go bigger and the speed. Great shooter inside defender, but I am a glorified glass lock. I am screwed, if I'm put in 2K20 MT a switch contrary to a smaller wing. By throwing moves against x-ray comp 14, I penalized heavily. I'd make: SF 6'7,rebounding wing, maximum wingspan. Have a spread that gives you a few maximum, or even only 1 badge, maximum shooting. If you don't want to forfeit the very least get gold quick first step.

TBH, it depends upon who you play with. So he would play in # 3 an SF was chosen by our rebounding wing. Our other guy are equally PG's and SG's respectively. Your future rebounding wing would be the top at the 3 position. You would for sure have badges at a'position' but you sacrifice some attributes that are defensive as a guard. The flipside is that you'll have badges. I'd take a look at that you will be playing, randoms, friends, etc.. That may help you decide what position and size to make him.

I'm playing with randoms since I'm fairly new to 2K's online' world'. Offline for many years and online and I have been playing occasionally. But offline is starting to become boring so I've found myself enjoying plenty of park but not one of my irl friends want to know more about basketball. So position does matter in the sense that I'm playing with randoms.

NBA 2K21 Suggestion- MyLeague Revamp

The entire MyLeague section of NBA 2K has become stale and in need of a revamp to bring it up to standard. The real contents haven't really changed since 2K16 or possibly sooner besides one or 2 features being removed/added which aren't really that significant. Personally, I think we want a much more realistic sim engine because I often see great teams not even make the playoffs or shed in the first round into the 8th seed 4-0. This make it more engaging to determine your teams that are great be rewarded and would add realism.

Another suggestion I have isn't having a fixed potential and having players regress at any moment in their profession or hit a block. In real life not each player hits their potential/ceiling and this is an issue with 2K. Every single player that comes out the draft exceeds or eventually hits their potential which is so unrealistic. I can name hundreds of high selections (Anthony Bennet, Darko Milicic or lately Josh Jackson) who have not attained what we thought they could. This has to change to add realism to NBA 2K as it is Buy NBA 2K20 MT ridiculous. There's many more things I could touch on but I do not wish to write a 10 paragraph essay that no one will read.

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