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In all honesty, lots of games deserve a price point that is higher. Looking at earlier times even far enough back to when games were'only' $50, we're getting a lot more from (a few ) games. The problem is devs so they put to squeeze money from customers like dlc, ads, sea

This has worked for most players because it enables a specific amount to be spent by customers based on their personal/mental investment with nba 2k21 mt1. Obviously, there are plenty of completely valid arguments about lootboxes being gambling, deceptive marketing targeted at children which don't know much better, and also cover to win scenarios, to name a few, so I am not saying this is the ideal strategy, just it seems to be a sort of unholy alliance.

The challenging issue is if we as players say we are eager to spend $70-$80 on NBA 2K21 without being particular in what we ask for, the result is NBA 2K21 such as NBA2K21, which I would argue is that the worst case scenario. It is an game so you know the lifespan will be a year. It does not have any upgrade or clever delivery system aside from the $100 special edition, and that is a disgusting money grab playing the passing of Kobe Bryant for people to fork over $30 ($40 of you count the price increase ) for some makeup, and you'll most certainly see ads and mtx on top of all that.

This is all for NBA 2K21 that will, possibly, be less or more a copy/paste from the previous entry, together with updated rosters. My idea of an perfect situation would be have a look at the pricing of their games depending on the time that may be spent with them. Open world games and RPGs? Sure, cost $80 for the actual copy ($70 for electronic ), but comprise all dlc, year pass, mtx, etc. purchase NBA 2K21 up front and get everything they make for this match up until they turn it off. For your single player games or even indie matches, this also opens all the way a whole lot of space for them, from $10 up to $60.

For the significant AAA single player games, they could still readily launch at $50-$60 as there is little to no place launching content anticipated (no balancing, multiplayer maps, characters, etc). Other games may be $10-$40 and be more profitable and a fantastic value to gamers. As time progresses, this allows room. Maybe those $80 matches return to $70 or $60 if the dlc could not afford it at the moment or comes out encouraging a wave.

Where this becomes tricky is devs have to commit to launching games that are fully functional and customers must hold them accountable. I am not saying online death threats to some random person that worked on light for a terrible match, but if how to get mt in nba 2k21 is started in $80 and turns out to be broken or possess mtx/ads/paid dlc then we must require complete refunds and boycott that dev to prove that it will not be tolerated. This is a give and take, we give that our hard earned money to devs, they give their games made out of their work to us.

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